In July of 1866, in the interest of developing the mineral resources of the Far West, the United States Congress granted the Mineral Estate of the Public Domain to the people of this country. This act, known on the Capital floor as HR 365, gave all U.S. citizens (and those who had declared their intention to become citizens) the RIGHT to explore the mineral lands of this nation and to locate, occupy, develop and patent any valuable mineral deposits which they found. In doing so, states like California, Oregon, Nevada and Arizona quickly established themselves as self- reliant and prosperous, almost overnight.

Subsequently, by 1870, the GOLD RUSH in the west that started in 1849 was in full swing, causing Congress to also adopt the Placer Mining Act, which was later combined with the 1866 Mineral to become the General Mining Act of 1872. For over 125 years, mining families and mining companies in this country have enjoyed the unique rights and opportunities given to us by our most forward thinking leaders of those days. Many people today do not realize that most of our property rights in the Far Western United States of America actually originate from those Acts of Congress.

Today, we have seen the paradigm shift in the value of the yellow metal, previously backing paper currency; by becoming the only real money verses paper currency. Gold jewelry has always been a very popular way to own gold, however, in today's world, the yellow metal is widely becoming the best way to save because gold coins and bullion are considered money worldwide. Thus,  gold will continue to increase in value every year as it gets scarcer and scarcer because of its demand.

Every government is hoarding gold and buying more of the yellow metal, especially India and China. Simply put, we consider ourselves very fortunate to be in the right place at the right time, especially in mining friendly Nevada.

Mr. Jack Wagenti, Chairman of The Board

Mr. Wagenti (75) was previously elected Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of US Precious Metals, Inc. in December 2007 and subsequently resigned in October 2008. Mr. Wagenti had been Chief Financial Officer / Secretary / Treasurer from May of 2002 until the December 2007 appointment. Mr. Wagenti was appointed again in August 2010 as Chairman of the Board, Secretary Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer of US Precious Metals, Inc. Mr. Wagenti resigned all positions in US Precious Metals, Inc. November 30, 2011. Mr. Wagenti has been Director of International Power Group since October of 2004 and resigned September 2008. From 1996 to May 2009, Mr. Wagenti has served in varying capacities of American International Ventures, Inc., a Company trading on the Over the Counter Bulletin Board and Pink Sheet market. Mr. Wagenti resigned as a Director in May of 2009 as a Director of American International Ventures, Inc. and was reappointed February 6, 2012 as a Director and subsequently all present Directors and Officers resigned giving Mr. Wagenti complete control of the Company.   

Ret. Major Jerry D. Scott, Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Scott (74) attended 3 years of college at the University of Omaha & Mankato State Teachers college. Mr. Scott than entered the Air Force in 1958 and attained officer status by completing the cadet program.  Mr. Scott flew on a Strategic Air Command  crew as a Radar Navigator for 5 years in B-47's and 8 years in B-52's, which instilled in Jerry the need to be surrounded by and committed to professional and responsible individuals, all dedicated to accomplishing a common goal.  Major Scott reluctantly retired as a regular Major after a tour in Vietnam with a medical disability and henceforth, entered the construction industry in 1973 and that has continued right up until today.

Mr. Scott is planning, permitting and developing the set-up and infrastructure, such as mining camps,  heavy equipment service and dispatch, pilot plant operations and all the necessary mining facilities in order to operate Placer Gold Prospecting projects for extraction of gold and silver ore at its Nevada mining sites.
Mr. Scott is the President of Gold Construction, Inc., the Nevada Construction company set by Mr. Scott and his son to develop the Placer Gold Prospecting home base mining facilities in Beatty, Nevada. Mr. Scott also is Chief Operating Officer of American International Venture, Inc.

Mr. Frederick R. Dunne Jr., Director

Mr. Dunne Is managing member of Dunne & Associates, LLC, a law firm in Kearny, New Jersey. Mr. Dunne received his BA from Niagara University 1966 and his JD from Seton Hall University1970. Mr. Dunne was admitted as an Attorney at Law in the State of New Jersey on November 28, 1972; to the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey on November 28,1972; to the State of New York on May 15, 1984; to the United States District Court for the District of Colorado on May 19, 1997; to the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit on October 28, 1998; to the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York on March 14, 2000 and the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York on March14, 2000. Mr. Dunne has served many elected or appointed positions in Kearny, North Arlington, and Hudson County. Mr. Dunne was President West Hudson Bar Association, Chairman St. Benedict's Alumni Fund and St. Benedict's Prep Reunion Committee and Fund Raising.

Mr. Arthur deWitt Ackerman, Director

Mr. Ackerman has been involved with entrepreneurial endeavors and sales for most of his career. From 1967-1980 Mr. Ackerman had a successful career with Home Life of New York where he was a member of the Hall of Fame and a Charter member of the Top of the Round Table. In 1982 Mr. Ackerman co- founded a Wall Street based gold exploration and money management group. Since 1980 Mr. Ackerman has been an investment banker for resource and technology companies, raising over $50,000,000 for early stage companies. Mr. Ackerman is also an angel investor in resource, technology and renewable energy companies, and  in a  LEEDS  community  in  the  Mohave  Desert  which  will  incorporate  hydroponic  farming,  water production, solar power generation, and residential and resort facilities. Mr. Ackerman is a Director of Beech Tree Labs, Inc. and The Mohave National Preserve Conservancy. Mr. Ackerman is also a member of the Board of Advisors of TrakLok Corp.

American International Ventures, Inc.

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Jack Wagenti
CFO & Chairman of the Board

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